Notes on source-debugging Cumulus packages

The Cumulus versions of some packages are not upstream, so to get at the source, getting the source version of the corresponding Debian package is necessary. For example, this is the case with FRR.

Procedure to get source code

  1. Update package index
apt update
  1. Get necessary tools
apt install dpkg-dev
  1. Get desired package source
apt-get source frr

This will dump the source in your current working directory

root@infra:mgmt:~# ls
frr-7.5+cl4.3.0u1  frr_7.5+cl4.3.0u1.dsc  frr_7.5+cl4.3.0u1.tar.gz

Which we can verify corresponds to to the FRR version we are running on the switch

root@infra:mgmt:~# vtysh

Hello, this is FRRouting (version 7.5+cl4.3.0u1).
Copyright 1996-2005 Kunihiro Ishiguro, et al.