Portal home directory performance issue

Issue report

  • What is the expected behavior?
    Adding data to the home directory does not impact file system performance.

  • What is the actual behavior?
    Adding data to the home directory makes file system temporarily unresponsive.

  • How to reproduce?
    Copy a decent amount of data into ones home directory via the XDC.

I pushed about 350MB of data to my xdc via rsync. I was already logged into the xdc on another terminal. I changed to the new directory and did an ls. I waited at least 30 seconds, didn’t see output, hit ctrl-c. I then tried ls again and waited a bit and finally got output. I don’t know what is backing the filesystem, but would not expect this unless kind of delay. If I was using NFS across a WAN I could see delay, but then I would expect all accesses to be slow. This is just some accesses and only after new data is added. It’s like there is some cache that is refreshing in the background.

This morning I just did a similar rsync and ls was quick after the transfer.

Maybe it has nothing to do with the transfer. I’m going to try to reproduce today.