Testing XIR changes in the VTE

How can we test changes to the XIR project in the VTE?

Python/MX Only Changes

For changes in XIR that are purely at the Python/MX stage. All that is needed is to install the development version of python in the model container in the portal.

The definition of this container is here.

To create a version of this container with the development version of Python/MX you could comment out the pip3 install mergexp that grabs MX from PyPi and install from your git repo. Assuming you have your own fork of XIR you can do something like this

#RUN pip3 install mergexp
RUN git clone https://gitlab.com/rygoo/xir
RUN git checkout my-working-branch
WORKDIR /xir/lang/mx
RUN pip3 install .


  • Build the container and push it to a container registry such as Docker Hub or Quay
  • On the portal k8s master do a merge-t2.kubectl edit deployment model, which will drop you into an editor where you can look for the tag image:, and edit the container image URI to the image you just pushed.

Alternatively you can exec into the container and install your development version of Python/MX over the top of the PyPi installed version.

Golang Changes

Changes to the Golang code require more consideration. I’ll update this post upon request for that.