Welcome to Discourse

Hi. Welcome to the MergeTB forum.

Here you will be able to connect with the MergeTB team, and other users regarding the use of MergeTB.

Some goals for the use of these forums:

  • Capture feature requests, problem reports, and general requests for help with the MergeTB ecosystem.
    • Instead of creating issues the MergeTB Gitlab repositories repositories, please use the forums first.
    • Some of these posts may result in actionable GitLab issues and those will be noted in the forum posts. But we’d like to use the forum context to to weed out possible duplicates and do the initial legwork of understanding the scope of the reported concerns.
    • Please post
      • “feature requests” in the Ideas category
      • “problem reports” in the Issues category
      • “general requests or questions” in the Questions category
  • Act as a “StackOverflow” like knowledge base curated by the community of MergeTB developers, operators, and end-users.
    • Using the “wiki” style posts to the forums as knowledge base articles
    • Anyone may offer up contributions to be peer reviewed by the community and preserved to help other folks in the future.
  • Supplement the main documentation for MergeTB
    • For example, for rapidly evolving aspects of the ecosytem, we will document them in the forums before distilling
      them into the main documentation.

General ground rules:

  • If you have a time critical question or concern, please do not use the forums for this.
    • Instead, please reach out to the MergeTB team via the MergeTB Mattermost Chat, or by emailing (or phoning) your point of contact with the team.
  • Do not post PII or other sensitive information to these forums. No passwords, ssh keys etc.

Thanks for using MergeTB!

Hello everyone. Welcome to the MergeTB forum. :wave: